Transfer to Transparent Telecom

As a telecoms provider we deal with Openreach on your behalf. This gives us full control over appointments, faults, expert help and advice. 

When you join Transparent Telecom, the transfer is completely seamless. You have a standard 10 working day cooling off period whilst we work behind the scenes transferring your services to us. You receive one last statement from your previous supplier and we take over where they left off, its simple. 

Who are Openreach?

The Network

”Openreach looks after the fibres, wires and cables that connect the country. So whether you’re making calls, video conferencing with clients, sharing files, downloading music, streaming movies, or indulging in a bit of online retail therapy – it’s most likely on our network..

We don’t sell phone, broadband or TV services. Instead, we work on behalf of over 620 service providers (such as Sky, TalkTalk, Gamma, BT and Daisy) to maintain the local access network that’s available to 31.8 million customers, supports 300 million telephone calls and 350 million internet connections every day.”

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Whats the transfer process?



The network remains identical, everything stays the same and you receive no down time to your services.

Transparent Telecom

Your customer service is greatly improved and your bills are greatly reduced..


You receive impeccable service with a reduced monthly direct debit that never increases.