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Call Barring

Call Barring allows you to take control of your call traffic, allowing you to decide which type of calls your phones can make and receive. Protect yourself by choosing from the following barring options:

  • Almost all calls
  • All calls to mobiles, national and international
  • Premium rates and information services

Call Minder

With Call Minder, your callers will be able to leave a message when you are unavailable or your line is engaged. Store up to 30 messages at any one time with a maximum length of five minutes per message. You have the option to record your own personalised message and are able to retrieve your messages remotely from any landline phone.

Call Diversion

Daisy Call Diversion allows you to divert your calls to almost any phone located in the UK, most overseas destinations, or to a mobile phone*. Tailor the service to suit your business by choosing to divert:

  • All calls
  • Calls when the line is engaged
  • Calls that aren’t answered after 15 seconds

Three-way Calling

Speak to two people at the same time by using Three-way Calling. Whether you want to speak to each person individually, or include them both on the same call, this service will allow you to include or exclude either party as and when you need to.

*Diverted calls to mobiles will be charged at mobile call rates.

Call Waiting

With Daisy Call Waiting, you will be notified by a gentle beep if you have a call waiting when you are already on a call. The person trying to get through will hear a message advising them to hold the line instead of hearing the engaged tone. You can then choose whether you want to swap between the two calls or end your original call. Paired with Call Minder, you can enable callers to leave a message if they are unable to get through.

Ring Back

If you call a line which is engaged,  Ring Back will call you back to let you know that the line is now free. This service can save valuable time and therefore money, as you no longer have to redial the number to check whether the line is free. Once the line is available,  Ring Back will produce an uninterrupted ringtone and when you pick up the handset it will automatically call back the number which you were originally trying to get through to.

Choose to Refuse

Choose to Refuse service allows you to bar the telephone number of the last answered incoming call. You are able to bar a maximum of 10 telephone numbers from calling you, which are kept within a personal data store. The 11th entry will replace the oldest telephone number to be saved. Specific numbers can also be manually inputted.