Frequently Asked Questions

Will my number change?

In 99% of cases no! The majority of transfers we place are like for like, therefore nothing will change.

What happens if I experience a fault?

Call our fully UK based support team on 0330 122 9978 and if we can’t fix it remotely, we will send Openreach to fix it instead.

I've received an Early Termination Fee from my previous supplier?

Call our fully UK based support team on 0330 122 9978 and if we will advise on the best possible steps with handling these types of fees.

Are your rates introductory?

We are unique in our approach, our best rates are given on face value, but more importantly, every rate is fixed for any contract and more!

What's different from you and every other provider?

We don’t aim do to anything revolutionary where the physical network is concerned, however, our excellent customer service and transparency with billing is unparalleled.

Do I have to change my router?

Yes, we will supply you with a New Router, free of charge, completely pre configured with a set-up manual too. If you do get stuck give our Tech Support team a call on 0330 122 9978.

How do I get started?

Speak to one of our accounts managers on 0330 122 9978, and they can run you through the process and answer any questions you may also have? We will then place the order for you and after your 10 working day cooling off period your discounts will be applied. It’s as simple as that!